Druck PV210-08-HA Low Presssure Pneumatic Hand Pump with Accessory Case

  • Rp.20,000,000

  • Availability:3-4 Weeks
  • Brand: GE Druck
  • Product Code: PV210-08-HA

Tags: Pneumatic Hand Pump

The PV210 is a lightweight, yet rugged and durable, low pressure and vacuum hand pump offering exceptional fine control. Thermally insulated to eliminate hand held temperature effects and supplied with a built-in pressure relief valve to protect the test instrument, this pump was truly designed with the requirements of low pressure calibrations in mind.

GE's PV210 low pressure pneumatic hand pump is fully portable, easy to use and generates pneumatic pressures in excess of 3000 mbar (43 psi). It is an ideal tool for calibration checks on pressure transmitters, pressure switches, indicators, recorders and controllers.

PV210 be used as a portable pressure comparator in conjunction with various pressure indicating devices.

This precision pneumatic hand pump includes a unique user adjustable pressure relief setting, enabling

setting of maximum pressure.

Dual source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum

Finger-tight quick fit connectors

Extremely low pressures generated by using the fine adjust vernier alone

Built-in pressure relief valve for setting maximum output pressure

Fine control needle valve for pressure release

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