OilView QuickCheck Analyzer

  • Rp.120,000,000

Tags: Oil Condition Analyzer

The OilView® Quick-Check Analyzer is easy to use. Test results are available in 1 minute and are easily interpreted. The knowledge you gain quickly translates to longer equipment life and condition based intervals between oil changes. 

With the OilView® QuickCheck, your staff develops valuable in-house experience and saves time and money. 

OilView® helps you make informed decisions by providing data in three critical categories: oil degradation, oil contamination, and machine wear.

Data management capabilities such as reporting and trending are available with included PC software. A PC is not required to perform tests.

The OilView® Quick-Check Analyzer


  • Oil Analyzer
  • 1 Oil Sensor Grid
  • Oil Sample Pump
  • Carrying Case
  • 1 year warranty on hardware
  • One set of calibration fluids, 220 and 300
  • Communication Cable
  • PC software (not required for operation)

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