PCE 423-ICA Air Flow Meter incl. ISO calibration certificate

  • Rp.11,000,000

  • Availability:3-4 Weeks
  • Product Code: 423-ICA

Tags: Air Flow Meter

High resolution Air Flow Meter to measure air velocity and temperature /

Diverse measuring units can be selected  / USB data cable and software 

for real time data transference included in the delivery

The PCE-423 Air Flow Meter with thermal sensor is highlighted by its good relation between price and quality. The PCE-423 Air Flow Meter has a high resolution to be used for different applications. This PCE-423 Air Flow Meter belongs to the the basic equipment for professionals working with ventilation systems. The PCE-423 Air Flow Meter is also used in institutional research and development.

The thin probe (8 mm / .3 in diameter) makes it possible to use the Air Flow Meter in areas with a minimum range of measurement such as inside refrigeration units. Additionally, the PCE-423 Air Flow Meter has a telescopic probe with a max. length of 1 m / 3.3 ft. Both the USB cable and the software (included in the delivery), allow for the PCE-423 Air Flow Meter to be connected to a PC or laptop to transfer data continuously. Data can be stored in either  txt format or csv one for further analysis.

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