Ametek JOFRA PTC-660 Dry Block Calibrator

  • Rp.199,000,000

  • Availability:3-4 Weeks
  • Brand: Ametek
  • Product Code: PTC-660

Tags: Dry Block Calibrator

The PTC Series portable temperature calibrator matches lab features like, a wide temperature range, high accuracy, stability, and speed with our well-known, long lasting quality into a single industrial calibrator. Three temperature calibrator models are available, from the basic unit to a full model including signal inputs and external reference sensor. 

The PTC Series portable temperature calibrator features an active dual zone temperature control which provides excellent temperature homogeneity in the well.

  • Temperature range from -90 to 660°C (-130 to 1220°F) with 5 models
  • Accuracy to ± 0.06°C and Stability to ± 0.01°C
  • Clean Dry block calibrator
  • Time saving fast cooling and heating times (350° in only 7 minutes)
  • “Plug and Play” intelligent reference sensors
  • Easy-to-read color display 
  • Intuitive, fast, user-friendly navigation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Multi-hole insert kits
  • JofraCal Calibration Software
  • Inputs for Thermocouple Calibration

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