BUSHNELL 101921 Speedster III Speed Radar Gun

  • Rp.6,000,000

  • Availability:3-4 Weeks
  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Product Code: 101921

Tags: Speed Radar Gun

Sports Radar Gun

If youre looking for the ultimate sports radar gun then look no further. The Bushnell Speedster III combines all of the best features users have grown to love. With ergonomic design, ease-of-use and technology to spare what else could you need?

RF (radio frequency) technology is a new addition to the Bushnell Speedster line of radar speed guns. Not only can you clock anything from ball speeds to race cars, now you can broadcast your measurements in real-time onto a compatible display screen. Optimized to work with the Bushnell SpeedScreen wireless display, clock and share your measurements easily at any time with no setup required.

The Bushnell Speedster III is truly the ultimate sports and recreational radar gun for any purpose at a price thats hard to believe.

Bushnell Speedster III Highlights

Accurate digital speed reading using DSP (digital speed processing)

RF technology for wireless radar display compatibility w/ optional Bushnell Speed Screen

Remote speed readings displaying with optional Bushnell SpeedScreen radar gun speed display

Easy to use, textured, point & shoot pistol grip

Continuous mode for automatic readings

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