CATU AFG-2001-M [AFG2001M] Arc flash Pants 12 cal / cm2 class 1 size M

  • Rp.3,200,000

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  • Brand: Catu
  • Product Code: AFG-2001-M

These CAT'ARC pants, from the Catu brand, are safety tracksuits used for protection during electrical work. It puts its wearer out of the thermal risks of the electric arc, heat and flame. It is strongly recommended for all workers in structures exposed to risks such as electrical installation or metal structures. These pants, size M, have 4 accessible pockets for tools. Its cotton-based fabric is specially treated to delay the spread of flames during a possible outbreak of fire, for maximum body protection.

Multi- risk protection  : CAT'ARC clothing offers multiple protection to wearers who are exposed to the thermal risks of electric arc, heat / flame, welding and electrostatic.

Daily Comfort : The fabric and design of the garment has been selected so that wearers can wear the garments for a full working day.

The advantages of the product:

  • Reinforcement at the crotch to limit tears 
  • Long-term use 
  • Fabric combining safety, comfort and resistance over time thanks to the combination of a proven composition and construction.
  • Composition: 80% flame retardant treated cotton / 19% polyester / 1% anti-static.
  • Weight: 300 g / m².
  • Weave: twill.

Product Features : 

  • Elastic waistband with belt loops
  • Central closure with nail button and red zipper
  • 2 slanted pockets - opening under flap
  • 2 mesh pockets - flap and hook-and-loop closure
  • Reinforced knees and crotch 
  • Size M
  • Arc Thermal Protection Class (APC): class 1 (4 kA).  
  • Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV): 12 cal / cm² 
  • A: Limited flame spread
  • B1: Protection against convective heat  
  • C1: Radiant heat protection  
  • E1: Protection against splashes of molten iron  
  • F1: Contact heat protection 

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