Checkline CDT-2000HD Combination Contact and Non-Contact Digital Tachometer

  • Rp.8,000,000

  • Availability:3-4 Weeks
  • Brand: Checkline
  • Product Code: CDT-2000HD

Tags: Non-Contact Digital Tachometer

The CHECK-LINE CDT-2000HD Combination Portable Tachometer combines the best features of both contact and non-contact models to accurately measure RPM, surface speed and length.

When using the non-contact mode, rotational speed (RPM) is measured using a visible beam of light. The CDT-2000HD can be up to 24 inches away from the small piece of reflective tape that is affixed to the rotating element. In the contact operating mode, the speed is sensed by directly contacting rotating device using one of the contact adapters supplied with the instrument.

The CDT-2000HD's rugged construction, portability and outstanding features make It an ideal choice for maintenance personnel, machine operators or others in a wide variety of machinery and material handling applications.

A non-contact only version, the CDT-1000HD, is also available. Click here for data sheet.

Also known as Testo 470, Rotaro, TACH-20


  • Measures speeds from as low as 1.00 rpm up to 99,999 rpm
  • Accuracy of 0.02% with a resolution of 0.01 RPM
  • Includes Traceable calibration Certificate
  • Built-in memory stores maximum, minimum, average and last reading for recall to the display
  • NEW - Molded Rubber Shell Provides Additional Physical & Environmental Protection
  • NEW - Now includes larger 6 inch circumference Surface Speed Wheel standard
  • NEW - Can be set for use with 2 optional-sized surface speed wheels (12 inch or 10 cm circumference)

LCD Display

  • Units of Measure Indicators show the user-selected units of measure.
  • Contact Indicator shows if contact or non-contact operation is selected.
  • Low Battery Indicator alerts the operator if the batteries are low.
  • On-Target Indicator confirms that the measurements are reliable.
  • Memory Indicators are illuminated when the maximum, minimum, average and last readings are recalled to the display for viewing.

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