Crowcon T4-HOCA-H2 Portable Personal Multigas Detector

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About the Crowcon T4 Portable Personal Multigas Detector

An essential for anyone working in and around hazardous gases, Crowcon's portable, tough T4 multigas detector will protect you from rising gas levels, ensuring you are instantly alerted when you're in a dangerous situation.

Configured to your individual needs to detect up to four gases (oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and methane options all available), the Crowcon T4 uses a combination of three alarms - LED blinking red/blue lights, vibration and an audible tone - to alert you instantly when rising levels of gas are detected

The Crowcon T4 is made tough - in fact, it's Crowcon's toughest gas detector yet. A rugged integrated rubber boot protects the detector from drops up to a height of 4m (directly onto concrete!) and protects the T4 from water/dust ingress to IP65 and IP67. To protect the sensors, an optional clip-on filter cover can also be purchased, allowing accurate detection in even the most dirty, demanding environments. The T4 is also intrinsically safe - it's ATEX and Ul Class 1 Div 1 approved for use in potentially dangerous areas.

To ensure that gas content is accurately detected, the T4 has an individual sensor for every type of gas it detects. As these are specifically configured for each type of gas you choose when ordering your T4, you can always rely on the T4 to deliver effective, fast and reliable detection of multiple types of gas, every single time.

There's so much more to the T4 as well - this portable gas monitor also includes a large size, backlit screen which can be rotated 180° (ideal for viewing the screen when wearing the meter), 18 hour battery life per charge (ideal for longer shifts) and a positive safety indication system which shows if the meter is working safely (green light) or if something is wrong (red light).

TWA Resume Facility

With Crowcon's unique TWA Resume facility ensures that time weight average (TWA) of toxic gas exposure is calculated accurately over an entire work shift.

Using this facility, you can turn off the meter and switch it back on again with continued calculations, ensuring you won't exceed the exposure limit.

This video from Crowcon shows exactly how the function works.

Crowcon T4 Portable Personal Multigas Detector Key Features

  • Personal detector made for wearing on clothing, designed to detect multiple types of gas
  • Multiple selectable versions available - choose your version using the dropdown box at the top of the page
  • TWA resume function calculates total toxic gas exposure over an entire shift, even if the meter is turned off at any point
  • Rechargeable battery with 18 hour battery life (please note the charger is sold separately)
  • Backlit rotating LCD display - flip the screen 180 degrees when its clipped on your clothes, allowing it to be read without removing
  • Ultra tough, rugged design - thick anti-shock rubber casing allows the T4 to be dropped up to 4m onto concrete. Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP67
  • Traffic light positive safety indicator - green light means everything is ok, red light means there's an issue which needs fixing
  • Intrinsically safe - ATEX and UL Class 1 Div 1 approved for use in hazardous environments
  • Dedicated sensors - one sensor for every gas type to ensure accurate detection
  • Triple alarm alerts - bright red/blue LEDs, vibration and 95dB audible alarm ensures you're instantly alerted to gas content
  • Easy to use - large size, single button and intuitive menu system minimise training and allow easy operation even when wearing gloves
  • Logging capabilities - store 130 hours of data at 10 second intervals, or 3500 events (downloading to PC requires optional software and connection cables)
  • Integrated crocodile clip for clipping onto clothing

What's Included?

  • Crowcon T4 Portable Personal Multigas Detector
  • Integrated Alligator Clip and Tethering Loop
  • Bump/Calibration Plate

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