Druck PM620 [PM620-23A] Pressure Module

  • Rp.68,000,000

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  • Brand: Druck
  • Product Code: PM620-23A

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Druck PM620 pressure modules represent the latest development in digital output sensor technology incorporating a number of key innovations to allow pressure re-ranging of compatible equipment. A simple screw fit makes both the pressure and electrical connections without the need for tools, sealing tape, cables or plugs and digital characterization allows interchangeability without set-up or calibration.

Druck PM620 pressure modules can be changed in a few seconds to re-range an instrument at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Druck PM620 pressure modules can be used in conjunction with pneumatic or hydraulic Druck PV620 pressure stations and the Druck DPI 620 multifunction calibrator to form an integrated pressure calibrator for test and calibration of pressure instruments including transmitters, transducers, switches, gauges, indicators and recorders.

Alternatively, the Druck PM620 pressure modules can be combined with the pressure station by a MC620 module carrier, which adds a dual channel pressure measurement capability that can be re-ranged in seconds. Pressure ranges are available from 25 mbar to 1000 bar.

Features ;

  • Pressure ranges from -14.5 to 15,000 psi
  • Gauge or absolute pressures available
  • Compatible with PV620 / MC620 pressure stations and DPI620 multifunction calibrator
  • Screw fit for simplicity and accuracy
  • Fully interchangeable
  • Uncertainty from 0.025% FS

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