Dwyer PUF-1001 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Kit Type A/B, 0.5-78" Pipe Size

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  • Brand: Dwyer
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Tags: Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Dwyer PUF-1001 Offers

The screen offers easy to read text with a convenient backlight for visual comfort. The efficient layout of the function keys add to this unit's easy to use programming. The unit comes with RS232 and USB connections to allow for easy connection to any personal computer or printer.

Principles of Operation

Two sensors are placed on the exterior of the pipe, and each transmits an ultrasonic pulse through the pipe and fluid to the other. The velocity of the liquid flowing through the pipes causes the pulse to accelerate or decelerate. The difference in the transit times of the two pulses is used to calculate the flow rate. The use of transit time allows the flowmeter to be unaffected by pressure or temperature changes.


  • Large, easy to read graphic display with backlighting
  • Simple to follow dual function keypad
  • Simple ‘Quick Start’ set up procedure
  • 98k stored data points
  • Continuous signal monitoring
  • RS232 output
  • USB output
  • Pulse output (volumetric or frequency)
  • 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA, or 0 to 16 mA output
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery management
  • Diagnostics

The flowmeter can be used to measure clean liquids or oils that have less than 3% by volume of particulate content. Cloudy liquids such as river water and effluent can be measured along with cleaner liquids such as demineralized water.


  • Treated water
  • River water
  • Sea water
  • Portable water
  • Demineralized water
  • Glycol/water mix
  • Hydrailic system
  • Diesel oil

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