Fotric 226B - Temperature Screening with A.I. Facial Detection; Package with Laptop and Manfrotto Tripod

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  • Brand: Fotric
  • Product Code: 226B LAPTOP TRIPOD KIT

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Fotric 226B package - includes Manfrotto tripod and a laptop with Fotric software pre-installed

  • Package containing Fotric 226B and laptop with pre-installed Fotric software
  • Computer support and warranty to be handled by the computer manufacturer
  • Fotric guarantees operation of Fotric software
  • Also includes a Manfrotto tripod
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  • Built-in AI facial detection module
  • Measurement distance - 2.6 to 10.5 feet
  • Automatically detects and locks onto face for temperature measurement
  • Generates sound and turns red when abnormal temperature is detected
  • Intelligently shields non-facial high temperature sources

Fotric 226B - Group Temperature Screening with A.I. Facial Detection

Built-in AI face detection module

Measurement distance - 2.6 to 10.5 feet

Automatically recognizes and locks onto face for temperature measurement

Generates sound and turns red when abnormal temperature is detected

Intelligently shields non-facial high temperature sources in scene, such as a coffee mug

The Fotric 226B is an intelligent thermographic monitoring system.

The 226B offers a very efficient and streamlined solution for detection of elevated or abnormal body temperature. It is designed to simplify the task of temperature monitoring and identifying subjects displaying abnormal readings.

Please note, the Fotric 226B is not medical equipment and can only be used to measure temperature. The 226B cannot be used to diagnose COVID-19/Coronavirus.

Scan individuals while keeping lines moving

The Fotric 226B features a powerful AI facial detection module and is able to automatically detect and screen individuals as they pass through its field of view.

With a detection range of 2.6 to 10.5 feet, personnel are able to obtain accurate readings while adhering to social distancing requirements. The 226B can be placed at the head of a queue and will alert personnel when its temperature alarm has been triggered.

While the 226B is capable of scanning multiple people simultaneously, recent guidelines from the US Food and Drug Administration recommend scanning one person at a time. It is very easy to adhere to these suggestions with the 226B. With a properly configured line, testing subjects can face the camera directly while having their temperature read, and can do so without stopping. This keeps the line moving and helps to reduce congestion.

FDA best practices also include the removal of any facial obstruction (hat, glasses, mask, scarf), hair pulled away from the face, and clean/dry skin.

Automatically locks facial temperature

The 226B comes with Fotric's WLIR software package as a standard item. WLIR has a built-in AI facial detection module, which automatically locks onto faces in the camera's view for temperature measurement. It will also intelligently shield non-facial sources of high temperature, such as a cup of hot coffee.

Intelligent temperature calibration algorithm

The WLIR has a built-in body temperature calibration algorithm. This automatically collects facial temperatures from different scenarios for self-learning and adjusts the alarm threshold in real time by adapting to changes in ambient temperature. This also helps prevent false positives from fluctuations in morning and evening temperature.

Automatic statistics on screening and alarm numbers

The WLIR software can automatically count the number of screened personnel and suspected abnormal body temperature alarms.

Automatic temperature alarm

When a person exhibiting abnormal temperature is detected, an audio alert will sound and the facial recognition frame will immediately turn red. This provides personnel a fast method for identification.

Automatic snapshot when abnormal body temperature is detected

When an alarm is triggered, the unit will automatically capture a photo of the detected person for later statistics and analysis.

Optional blackbody calibrator

The Fotric 226B is compatible with the 426 blackbody calibrator. The 426 is mounted in the field of view along with testing subjects and generates a known, constant temperature. By having a reference temperature in the field of view, the 226B is able to provide measurements with greater accuracy than it would have without the blackbody.

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