Geotech Geosub [81200035] Pump Controller 230VAC

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  • Brand: Geotech
  • Product Code: 81200035

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The Geosub Controller is designed specifically for use with Geotech's Geosub 2 Stainless Steel Pump. It provides a safe conditioned variable DC output power from an AC power source. Built-in sensing gives the operator accurate and precise control over the pump during sampling events.

An average 1000 Watt gasoline powered generator with 1 gallon of gasoline will operate the Geosub Controller and Geotech's sampling pump at full power for 18 hours continuously. Generally much longer run times can be expected as the controller is used to reduce water flow for low flow sampling.

An easy-to-use programmable user interface with bright display offers precise control over flow rates during groundwater sampling events. Site specific settings and conditions can easily be stored and recalled for more efficient repeatable sampling events. Rugged construction and easy to connect cables make setup and portability a breeze. In addition, the controller includes a user-set dry run protection feature.

  • Converts AC Voltage to variable up to 300 watt DC voltage output
  • Short circuit protection for your safety
  • Heavy duty rated power cable for years of service
  • 2-line x 16-character wide temperature range alpha-numeric digital display
  • Push button Up/Down control
  • Internal processor saves individual well parameters
  • Optional DC to AC Inverter can be connected to a vehicle battery

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