Heron dipper-See H2GO Underwater Drop Camera

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  • Brand: Heron
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Dipper-See H2GO

Illuminating Underwater Drop Cameradipper-see-h2go-product-picture

The NEW dipper-See H2GO is a self-contained, high-powered, low-cost illuminated underwater inspection camera. With the dipper-See H2GO, you can record bright, crystal clear 1080p HD video for up to 4.5 hours.

Performing a Well Service for a Client?

Lower the dipper-See H2GO down the well to double-check your work. Simply eject the provided microSD, and insert into your smartphone/tablet/laptop for playback.

Value Added Services

Perform a before and after video inspection to provide your customer with proof of job quality/completion.

Save Time & Money On-Site

Perform a quick and easy inspection with the dipper-See H2GO in order to see if you require renting or using a large/costly camera system for a more thorough inspection. The dipper-See H2GO will pay for itself after only a few inspections. If the H2GO isn’t the right tool for the job, it will help you decide which tool(s) you do need.

The dipper-See H2GO Comes with Everything You Need

The dipper-See H2GO comes with everything you need to perform your inspections. Along with the camera probe, you get:

Camera Probe Centralizer Kit (with clamp, and interchangeable 4” & 6” guides)

#2 Phillips Screwdriver for changing centralizer guides

  • 1m USB-C Charging Cable w/ Wall Plug
  • 75m/250ft Deployment Cord
  • 64GB microSD with SD Card Adapter
  • SD Card Removal Assistance Tool
  • User Manual
  • Ultra-Rugged Carrying Case (IP67)

Combine the dipper-See H2GO with the dipper-Tag Multipurpose Tag Line to Save Time in the Field!

Need measurement markings for your deployment? Simply attach the stainless-steel clip of the dipper-Tag onto the dipper-See H2GO to deploy the camera to specific depths. This method helps speed up the process of lowering and raising your dipper-See H2GO.

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