Hirst IFM03 Fluxmeter

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  • Brand: HIRST
  • Product Code: IFM03

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The IFM03 Fluxmeter measures the total magnetic flux with a coil. A Gaussmeter measures the total flux density.

  • Waveform display on IFM03
  • DC/AC Peak Measurement Functions
  • Automatic Drift Correction
  • USB and RS232
  • Automatic Probe recognition
  • PLC Digital Interface
  • 30,000 Count Resolution
  • Pass Limit Testing

When would you need a Fluxmeter?

To check a magnetisation process

A magnetised magnet is placed in a coil. The Integrator is reset. The magnet is removed to give a measurement of the total magnetic flux on the Integrating Fluxmeter.

To determine total flux, with Helmholtz coils (produces an area of superior uniformity)

A Helmholtz coil pair is connected to an Integrating Fluxmeter. The sample to be tested is placed within the pair of coils and rotated. The Integrating Fluxmeter determines the total magnetisation of the sample and displays this value on its screen.

IFM03 Fluxmeter Features

The Fluxmeter is specifically for measuring Magnetic Flux Linkage where a surface reading with a Gaussmeter is not sufficient.The Fluxmeter is a static solution to characterising components with high accuracy.

The IFM03 Fluxmeter has automatic and manual drift correction available and can be used in environments where rapid measurements are necessary.  The IFM03 has waveform display functions to enable real time viewing of data ideal for quality control applications. RS232, USB and PLC interfaces are included as standard.  Full instrument control is possible via these interfaces enabling full factory automation.

The IFM03 can measure magnetic flux, magnetic flux density or magnetic field strength.

Multi Language Support - The built-in menu system can be operated in any of the following languages; English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Automatic Identification - Search Coil supplied by Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd can be pre-programmed with Serial Number and Area turns product for automatic probe identification and system set-up. Additional  blank probe plugs can be purchased for user pickup coils that  can also store turns area product for automatic set-up of user  created pickup coils.

Waveform Display - The IFM03 can sample in two speed modes 2KHz and 20KHz, with software and TTL triggering the internal cache enables long waveforms to be recorded and viewed with  approx 2 seconds recording available at the 2 KHz sample rate.

PLC Interface - The PLC interface offers a simple method for the control and integration of the IFM03 into existing equipment. 24v logic signals are available to start measurements and to return the results of pass window testing.

Communications - The IFM03 support communications via either RS232 or USB. Base driver software is supplied with example applications (complied for WIN32 systems), source code and protocol documentation. With USB data can be captured at up to 10,000 samples per second in raw PCM format.

Extra Options Available - Pickup coils designed specifically for your application and use with the IFM03 can be designed and built by Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd.

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