Time Electronic 7090 Pneumatic Pressure Pump Kit 40bar

  • Rp.36,000,000

Tags: Time Electronic, Pneumatic Pressure Pump

A pneumatic pressure calibration hand pump that combines performance with rugged design. It is designed for arduous use in the field or as a pressure and vacuum source in test facilities. The 7090 pressure pump is ideal for checking the calibration of gauges, pressure switches, transmitters, recorders and other pressure equipment. It covers a range from vacuum to 40bar (600psi).

The large comfortable handles with grips moulded into the design make it easy to control the instrument whilst pumping up to pressure. Features include protective caging for the vent valve guarding against accidental damage, and dual o-rings on all pistons to ensure zero leakage.

The 7090 pump is supplied as a kit with 1 meter of 6/4mm hose, a selection of 5 fittings, carry case, and user manual. Optional digital pressure gauges are available to accompany this pneumatic pump, including the 7091 covering vacuum to 40bar, with 0.2% of full scale accuracy.

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