Jabbals D-6KHR Digital Surge Comparison Tester with DC Hipot & Resistance Test A substitute for 7006KHP

  • Rp.285,000,000

  • Availability:Pre-Order
  • Brand: Jabbals
  • Product Code: D-6KHR

Jabbals digital touch screen surge tester have many advanced features. An 8-inch touch screen monitor displaying immediate PASS/FAIL results can be saved and printed with the motor nameplate data under test to any external colour printer. Two USB ports are available at the front of the tester for connection to printer, or for those who prefer an external wireless keyboard and mouse.


This tester is widely used for testing newly and rewound motors. It helps in finding and predicting the faults in motors before it actually happens.


- Zero start lock for operator safety

- Footswitch for hands-free operation

- Test leads insulated to 45kV rating

- Leads energised warning indicator


  • Job work management area for motor data reference
  • Dual feature to store and compare to against master waveform, or compare between windings simultaneously
  • Colour coded waveforms
  • Store, print and recall surge test reports
  • Graphical & numerical error display between waveforms in percentage
  • Automatic report generation
  • Target voltage indication based on motor ratings

Software Indicator & Controls

  • Adjustable volts/div and time-base
  • Colour coded waveform display
  • Surge test peak voltage indicator
  • Graphical and numerical %error display
  • Target voltage indicator based on motor rating
  • Test result lamp indicator
  • Save, recall and print waveforms & reports

Specifications of PC

  • 8 inch touch screen (resolution 800 x 600)
  • Industrial grade CPU (Intel CPU Dual Core 1.8GHz)
  • 4 GB RAM, wireless keyboard/mouse
  • 500 GB Hard disk
  • Operating System Win10 (licensed)
  • 2 USB External ports
  • Operating temp 0 - 50°C

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