JFE ADVANTECH MK21 Vibration tester

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The JFE  MK-21 Hand Held Vibration Meter, Complete Kit is a precision instrument that accurately measures machine vibration, as recommended by ISO 10816, to alert the user to know when to provide cost-effective machinery maintenance to avoid costly down time, now and in the future. In addition to standard approaches, the JFE MK-21uniquely checks machinery condition, in the Diagnostic mode, without reference to a chart as easy as reading a, bb, ccc and dddd on the display - where a = Quite Good (Zone A), bb = Good (Zone B), ccc = Poor (Zone C) and dddd = Bad (Zone D). Condition Zones A,B,C & D cover those vibration velocity ranges noted in ISO 10816.The MK-21 is supplied as a complete kit with the gauge and wrist strap, probe and cable assembly, batteries and instruction manual -- all supplied in a fitted, hard plastic carrying.


Sensor: Piezoelectric vibration pickup

Probe Operating temperature: 0 ~ 80 Celsius

Probe Dimensions: 24 x 14mm (Total heigth 115mm)

Measuring modes: Acceleration (ACC) - RMS value /Acceleration (ACCP) - PEAK value /Velocity (VEL) - RMS value /Displacement (DISP) - P-P value

Resolution: 1/200 F.S. of each range

Display: 4 - digit LCD display

Display Size: 18.4 x 49.8 mm

Power: One AA alkaline battery

Automatic power off: - No use for more than 10 minutes - Low battery

Battery life: > 8 hours continuous use (light off)

Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 Celsius (

Storage temperature: -10 ~ 60 Celsius (

Dimensions: 69 W x 30 D x 154 H mm

Weight: Approx. 140g (battery included)

Warranty: Gauge - 1 year Probe - 90 days

Five (5) measuring modes - Diagnostic, Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration Peak and Acceleration, as required for a wide choice of vibration analysis techniques.

Compact, ergonomic, lightweight design with simple button keypad and menu make for easy operation

Selectable backlit display for dark, hard-to-read locations

Four (4) Target Machinery Classes, per ISO 10816, in Diagnostic mode - Classes I, II, III and IV, for machines from less that 15 KW to Large Prime Movers, such as turbo generators and gas turbines with outputs greater than 10 MW.

Powerful magnet-fitted sensor assures dependable mounting on vibrating steel surfaces

What's in the Box:

(1) Main unit

(1) Piezoloelectric vibration pickup

(1) Magnetic

(1) Curl cord

(1) AA dry battery

(1) Carry case

(1) Instruction manual

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