Kane 458s Link Flue Gas Analyser Oil Kit

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Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser

The Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser is a professional-level instrument, capable of measuring a formidable range of variables and used for commissioning and performing maintenance on gas systems & boilers. With direct CO, CO2 & CO sensor protection, the device measures carbon dioxide directly (0-20%), carbon monoxide (0 to 2000ppm), differential temperature, differential pressure and is hydrogen (H2) ready (up to 20% blend). These measurements allow the analyser to calculate various aspects of combustion including oxygen content, excess air, CO/CO2 ratio, combustion efficiency and in addition to let by/tightness testing. Operators can calculate NO, NO2, S02 and high range CO with the addition of an optional sensor. Test domestic gas, oil, biomass & some light commercial appliances with this completely upgradeable flue gas analyser, featuring wireless connectivity included as standard.

The CO measurement capabilities of the Kane 458s are particularly impressive. With the latest upgradeable sensor technology protected by an innovative purge pump system providing accidental over range protection for the CO sensor, it can measure ambient CO in addition to CO in the flue. An automatic commissioning test means that the user can perform a test conforming to Technical Bulletin 143 without having to manually pick the test sequence. With the extremely versatile Kane 458s you can even specify additional sensors either from new or as required.

The large display of the Kane 458s presents up to six readings simultaneously alongside an easy to use ergonomic rotary dial. The smart design is encased in a robust shell, offers connection to an optional infrared printer through the built-in wireless connectivity alongside a Kane ten year warranty for your flue gas analyser. The Kane 458s is ideal for a range of applications including testing combustion performance, combustion efficiency, CO build-up, tightness and let by and flue draught. The analyser can be used on an array of fuel types such as natural gas, butane, propane, LPG, 28 sec oil, 35 sec oil and wood pellets. The flue gas analyser is available in a range of kits with various accessories as detailed below.

Key Features;

Carbon monoxide measurement (0 to 20%)

Carbon dioxide measurement (0 to 2000ppm)

Incorporated wireless connection

Differential temperature and pressure measurement

Hydrogen (H2) ready up to 20% blend

Oxygen content calculation

Excess air calculation

CO/CO2 ratio calculation

Efficiency calculation

Let by/tightness testing

Automatic commissioning test sequence on boilers

Purge pump system protects CO sensor from over range

Suitable for wide range of fuels

Kane 10 Year Warranty

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