Murphy TR1762 [45700003] NEMA 1 Transformer Relay Assembly with Adjustable Time Delay Lockout Shutdown Function During Start-Up

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The Murphy TR Series Transformer Relay Assemblies are electric motor controllers. It is used with electric motors or driven equipment which is started and stopped from a remote, normally open Swichgage with adjustable time delay lockout of shutdown functions, for up to 10 minutes, during start-up. TR Series internal control circuits are completely pre-wired and relays are plug-in type to facilitate field servicing. 

Murphy Swichgage® instruments for pressure, temperature, level etc., can be used with the TRs for semiautomatic or totally unattended operation and control of your electric motor powered equipment. A set of normally open, dry relay contacts controlled by a 24 VAC relay coil controls the magnetic motor starter holding coil up to 480 volts. The high voltage contacts are completely isolated from the low voltage control to help reduce electrical hazards.


  • Heavy-duty transformer with multiple primary taps for easy connection to most any available AC power sources
  • 24 VAC low voltage secondary control circuit with terminals for remote auxiliary switches
  • Plug-in relays have three SPDT silver cadmium oxide contacts providing long life reliability
  • Power relay has extra heavy silver cadmium oxide contacts rated 10 amp, 480 VAC
  • When TR is used with a Murphy Analog Swichgage, it allows for visual reading of operating conditions and provides an adjustable differential between high and low settings throughout the Swichgage dial range
  • Comply with National Electrical code 1975, Article 430-73


  • Murphy Part No.: TR1762
  • Series: TR Series
  • Enclosure: NEMA 1
  • Transformer: Primary (power supply) with triple taps for 120/240/480 VAC; 50/60 Hz; Secondary (control supply) 24 VAC
  • Power Rating: 25 VA
  • Terminal Blocks: High Voltage rated at 30 A, 600 V; Low Voltage rated at 20 A, 300 V
  • Control Relays: Plug-in, 120 V, 10 A contact rating
  • Power (holding): 10 A, 480 VAC, SPST
  • Control (auxiliary): 480 VAC, 690 VA pilot duty
  • Conduit: Top: 3/4 in. hub; Bottom 1/2 in. hole
  • Approximated Shipping Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 7 in. (381 x 381 x 178 mm)
  • Approximated Shipping Weight: 18 lb. (8.16 kg)

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