PCE MPC 20 Air Sampler

  • Rp.23,000,000

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Air sampler PCE-MPC 20

Dust measuring device for the measurement of pollutant content of the atmosphere / With data memory / USB interface / Mass concentration / Particle counter

The dust measuring device PCE-MPC 20 is a particle counter that measures the particles in the atmosphere. The measurable particle sizes of the dust measuring device are 0.3, 2.5 and 10 μm. In addition to the particle counter function, the dust meter also measures the mass concentrations PM2.5 and PM10. The built-in high-performance pump ensures a sufficient flow rate at the dust measuring device. In addition, the dust meter can also measure the temperature, humidity and dew point.

The measured values ​​can be read directly on the display of the dust measuring device. Data storage is also possible with the dust measuring device in order to analyze the measured values ​​after a measuring process. The battery used ensures a mobile application. This allows a mobile continuous operation of about 4 hours. A dust measuring device is used wherever a possible health hazard due to fine dust could occur. These include pollution from incineration, manufacturing, energy production, vehicle engine emissions, and the pollution that the construction industry generates.

- Mass concentration PM2.5 / PM10

- Data memory up to 5,000 data sets

- Flow rate 2.83 l / min

- Display with graphic real-time diagram

- Battery or mains operation possible

- Alarm function

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