PCE TU 3 [PCE-TU 3] Condition Monitoring Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

  • Rp.158,000,000

Tags: PCE Instruments, Laser Shaft Alignment

The PCE-TU 3 Vibration Meter is designed to check the shafts in machines and facilities and for the optical alignment of the shafts. This reduces machine downtime and prevents premature bearing failure. By means of the PCE-TU 3 Vibration Meter the relative position between two coupled machines, such as an engine and a pump, can be alternated to the point that the axis line of the shafts align during common operation. The measuring process with the PCE-TU 3 Vibration Meter is based on two laser probes, which measure the vertical and horizontal displacement and angular deviation. Other parameters, including the thermal expansion and tolerance, can be included into the measurement process of the PCE-TU 3 Vibration Meter. Spacer discs can be simulated by means of the Vibration Meter as well. Other functions include the soft foot measurement, cardan shaft - mode, and plain-grade of surface. After measuring these parameters, the measured data is shown on the large display of the Vibration Meter before being stored on the 2 GB data memory card. The data can be sent via USB or Bluetooth easily to a computer, where the data can be further processed, analyzed, and archived.

- Measurement via soft foot possible

- Integrated angulation's sensor

- Two laser probes

- Adjustable tolerance range

- Measures plainness of surfaces

- USB and Bluetooth optional data transfer

- Simulation of spacer disks possible

- 2 G internal data memory

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