Summit Technology PK45014 PowerSight PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer

  • Rp.148,000,000

  • Availability:3-4 Weeks
  • Brand: Powersight
  • Product Code: PK45014

Tags: Power Quality Analyzer Kit

The PowerSight PK45014 complete package has all that you need for complete analysis of single and 3-phase circuits up to 100 amps and voltages up to 600 volts. Probes are available for Medium and High voltages at 5KV and 15KV. The PK45014 bundles 4 HA100 probes with the PS4550 Power Quality Analyzer, and comes with PC software and Report Writer.

Product Features:

  • This model bundles the PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer with 4 HA100 current probes


  • AC Single phase, three phase, or DC
  • General data logging of volts and amps, THD, power, Hz,(internal memory allows hours to weeks of monitoring)
  • Power quality investigations: Catch power disturbances, power fluctuations. Sags, swells, dips, transients, spikes, impulses
  • Panel balancing, circuit and panel capacity, load studies of circuits, transformers, switchgear, substations etc.
  • Energy audits, energy savings verification, power consumption, demand analysis Power factor studies
  • Sizing generator, UPS systems etc. Inrush currents of machines
  • Load bank studies
  • High Frequency Noise option

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