Proceq PM 630 AI [39220001] Metal rebar locator / with data logger

  • Rp.159,000,000

  • Availability:Pre-Order
  • Brand: Proceq
  • Product Code: PM-630-AI

Tags: Proceq, Profometer

The Profometer 630 AI is an enhanced cover meter which extends the application range of the Profometer 600. 

It comes with an all-in-one universal probe supplemented by a detachable cart for uninterrupted measuring with an on-board wireless path measuring system. The integrated spot probe is especially engineered for measurements in corners where space is limited and for areas with congested rebar arrangements. The user is supported by control buttons and LEDs directly on the probe during the process.

The instrument is compatible with the PPM-Link software, which allows the transfer of the saved data to a PC for analysis and export to third party applications

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