SEBA KLL 50m Electric Contact Meter

  • Rp.19,000,000

  • Availability:3-4 Weeks
  • Brand: SEBA
  • Product Code: KLL 50m

Tags: Electric Contact Meter

SEBA Electric Contact Meter Type KLL-Light; 50m

The KLL-Light Water Level Contact Meter is a portable battery operated instrument for measurement of water level in boreholes or wells. The probe is lowered into the well and upon contact with the water a light and/or buzzer actuates and the appropriate measurement is read from the graduated tape. The probe is nickel-plated brass and has the contact point shrouded in the centre to eliminate false contacts. The tape is white polyethylene with two non-corrosive conductor wires to complete the circuit. The tape is marked with black calibration marks for each centimetre with black decimetre and red metre numerals. The drum is made from sheet steel and will only accommodate 150m of tape. The stand frame is from tubular aluminium. Two batteries are housed in the reel.

Outstanding Features:

  • portable, reliable instrument for measuring the water level and total depth in boreholes, wells etc.
  • cable made of polyethylene with 2 steel cores (anti-corrosive), metric scale, figures printed allmeters in red colour and decimeters withcentimeters in black colour
  • with probe 14 mm, 175 mm long,with built-in electrode, made of corrosion-resisting material
  • with sheet-metal drum
  • incl. supporting frame made of aluminium, formed parts, surface coated
  • power supply:3 V DC, 2 baby cells each 1.5 V
  • accuracy:<1 cm with cable length 100 m
  • measuring range: 50m

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