SIKA TP 17 166 S Temperature calibrator

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Temperature calibrator SIKA TP 17 166 S"

The calibrators can be operated with dry block or micro bath function. The function is determined by the calibrator type and the measuring insert used.

Functionality: for the temperature sensors or temperature measuring instruments to be tested, suitable transition sleeves or suitable calibration inserts are inserted into the calibrator (§ 4.3 "Preparation of the calibrator"). They provide the test specimen with a secure fit and ensure optimal heat transfer. When all preparations have been made, the calibrator can be switched on (§ 4.4). The calibrator heats or cools the metal block or calibration fluid to the set temperature. Once this temperature is reached and stable, the calibration of the DUT can be done. You can then proceed to the next checkpoint or terminate the checkout.

The S-version is equipped with a serial communication interface RS485. Using this interface you can connect a PC, level converter or a network. The software protocol used is a MODBUS RTU protocol used in a variety of monitoring programs available on the market. It can be supplied on request as a separate document.

The transmission speed (baud rate) is factory set to 9600 baud. On request other transmission speeds are possible. The 5-pin panel jack has two terminals, A and B, which you must connect to the appropriate terminals of the PC, level converter or network.

Technical details: SIKA temperature calibrator. Type TP17166 S. Type EP17160S601503. Temperature range -35 to + 165 ° C. Tolerance / Resolution +/- 0.2 / 0.1 ° C. Stability +/- 0.05 ° C. Block 60 mm in diameter, 150 mm deep. serial RS485 interface. Power supply 100 ... 240 V 50/60 Hz. Dimensions about 213x381 + 48x311 mm.. Including test certificate. Function 1: Dry block. Function 2: IR.

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