SIKA TP 18850 E Temperature Calibrator

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Temperature Calibrator SIKA TP 18850 E

Type: EP18850E181000

Temperature range: ambient temperature up to 850 ° C

Resolution / Tolerance: 1 degree C

Block drilling: 18mm diameter, depth 100mm

Power supply: 230V 50 / 60Hz

Including test certificate

 The calibrator TP 18 850 E consists of two individual housings with a front dimension of 192 x 192 mm, with a depth of 410 mm and 390 mm, respectively, which are rigidly connected to each other and laterally provided with a carrying handle. The left housing contains a brass heater block with a top accessible hole of 18 mm (or 28 mm) diameter and 100 mm (or 200 mm) depth for receiving the test object.

The heating cartridge and the temperature sensor for determining the block temperature are installed from below in this heating block. The heating block is thermally insulated in the housing. The right-hand housing contains the complete electronic unit for controlling the heating block temperature.

A semiconductor relay (SSR) is used to control the heating cartridges. On the front panel there is the controller as well as a switch for the mains supply and a switch for the fan. The controller is equipped with a 2-row, 4-digit 7-segment LED for the heating block and setpoint temperature. On the right side of the device combination is the IEC built-in connector for the mains connection. Next to it is the holder for holding the device fuse.

Possible applications

- Installation, commissioning

- Production, production

- Maintenance, service

- Quality assurance, inspection equipment monitoring

- Repair

Whether for on-site use in the workshop, in the measuring and test room or laboratory, the SIKA temperature calibrators are used everywhere. A wide range of industries with a wide variety of application areas is covered.

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