Sourcetronic ST9201CX Hipot Tester

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  • Brand: Sourcetronic
  • Product Code: ST9201CX

Tags: Hipot Tester

The compact design of the ST9200 hipot tester makes it suitable for use in almost every area and scenario. The wide variety of possible interfaces and uses include as an RS232, a handler, remote I/O, USB, or GPIB, this hipot tester is ideally suited for use in all automatic test systems. The tester is also perfect for use in a manual workstation, this would utilise the warning light and the safety test probes designed to be operated in a two-handed system. All of the 9200 hipot tester are built with the ARC detection feature, which will automatically micro-discharge a partial part of the insulation. The ST9200 also allows you to control the high voltage using a ramp function, conveniently located on the tester. GO-NOGO-Comparators are projected on the display using a red/green LED, optional the built-in speaker will emit an acoustic warning. The hipot tester houses a large LCD display to offer clear reading of the values from all angles. The ST9201S also has a built-in switch matrix with 8 channels which allows you to switch the high voltage from one point to another.


  • AC withstanding voltage tester
  • 240×64 Dot-matrix graphic LCD display
  • Fast discharge and arc detection function
  • Body protection function
  • Built-in 8-channel matrix scanner for convenient use
  • Set voltage rising time, test time, and voltage dropping time
  • randomly for different load, DC withstanding voltage current
  • judging & waiting time
  • 100 test steps being stored per group, totally 50 groups, and the
  • total testing steps are limited at 500
  • Current base number correction function
  • RS-232C, Handler and SCAN Interface

Technical data

  • Memory: 50groups, 100 steps per group, totally 500 steps
  • Voltage rise-time: 0.1s - 999s
  • Voltage fall-time: 0.1s - 999s
  • Test time setting 0.3s - 999s
  • Interfaces: USB, RS232, HANDLER, REMOTE I/O, SCAN
  • Power supply:  230V / 50 Hz
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Dimensions (W/H/D) : 340/120/438.50 mm
  • CE- conformity

Test methods

  • Withstanding voltage test
  • - Output voltage
  • - AC: 0.05kV — 5kV ± 1.0% of reading + 5 digit, (50Hz ,60Hz optional) 
  • - Voltage adjustment rate: ≤ 1.0% +10V (rated power)
  • - Current test range
  • - AC: 0.01mA - 3mA
  • Arc detection

- Measurement range:     AC: 1mA - 15mA           

What's in the box:

  • ST90001R HV connection cable with test clip
  • ST90001B HV Earth connection cable with test clip
  • ST90002 HV Test probe
  • Factory calibration

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