Svantek SV 100A Whole-Body Vibration Exposure Meter

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Tags: Whole-Body Vibration Exposure Meter

Introducing the latest innovation in Whole-Body Vibration monitoring from Svantek - The SV 100A. This wireless meter is suitable for whole-body vibrations in accordance with ISO 2631-1 and is extremely easy. This device features 4 push buttons and an OLED display that allows for basic configuration out in the field.

The wireless BT technology enables the device to connect with your smartphone allowing you to see the current results and set alarms when vibration limits are exceeded.

This meter is set up for seat measurements by default but this can easily be changed for vertical measurements through the smartphone app e.g. seat-back measurements.

The device is equipped with both RMS and RMQ detectors which allows the calculation of Daily Vibration Exposure A(8) based on RMS and VDV simultaneously. All measurement results are stored in a large 8GB internal memory which allows continuous recording over long periods.

The standard 2.0 USB interface allows fast data download and is also used for battery recharging. For advanced users, the SV 100A offers frequency analysis in 1/1 or 1/3 octaves and time signal recording to wave format in accordance to ISO 2631-5 that is compatible with popular recalculation software. The SV 100A is fully configurable with our Supervisor software.

It can quickly and easily be setup for all the weighting filters required by ISO standards for the estimation of the effects of vibration on health, comfort, perception and motion sickness. The dedicated Whole-Body Vibration Exposure panel within Supervisor software makes reporting extremely easy.


  • Whole-body Vibration Exposure Meter complying to ISO 8041
  • Wireless instrument with rechargeable battery
  • Unattended measurement of seat-pad or seat-back vibration
  • Wireless BT communication
  • Auto-detection of the operator
  • Weighting filters complying to ISO 2631-1
  • Calculation of A(8) Daily Exposure
  • Results both in ms-2 and exposure points
  • Large 8 GB memory
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • OLED color display and push-buttons
  • Operational time > 24 hours
  • Easy in use predefined setups
  • Extremely compact, light weight and robust case

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