Svantek SV 111 Vibration Calibrator

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  • Brand: Svantex
  • Product Code: SV 111

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Svantek Vibration Calibrator

The Castle SV111 Vibration Calibrator is a state of the art vibration calibration system with a microprocessor controlled shaker and reference tri-axial accelerometer.

The vibration calibrator provides excellent stability of calibration levels and their frequency despite the weight (up to 1kg) of the accelerometer used to calibrate the vibration meter.

The vibration level is selectable and calibration can be performed on 3 frequencies (16Hz, 80Hz and 160Hz).

The vibration calibrator is housed in a weatherproof case and comes with a rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of operation.


  • Accurate calibration system ensures vibration meters meet international standards
  • Ease of use for all types of vibration transducers for measuring acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Complete seat accelerometer calibration
  • Loading capacity of 1kg
  • Internal calibration and fault detection
  • Multi-frequency quartz controlled selectable vibration level
  • Tri-axial reference transducer
  • Displays magnitude, frequency and any errors
  • Automatic power off to save battery life
  • Robust case and design for use outside

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