Svantek SVAN 971 PACK [SVAN971 PACK] Type 1 Sound Level Meter including SV971_3 1/1, 1/3 octave analysis and SV971_15 audio recording

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Svantek SV 971 Class 1 Sound Meter

The Svan 971 is a small Class 1 sound level meter with options for 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis. The instrument’s user interface makes both configuration and measurement easier than ever before. It offers extremely simple operational mode with Start/Stop only making it the ideal choice for many applications including industrial hygiene noise, short term environmental noise and general noise measurements performed by acoustic consultants or technical engineers.

Harnessing technology combined with a thoughtful insight into how people use it is the key to product development. The SVAN 971 epitomises these concepts bringing state of the art electronics and a clear user-interface to the world of sound level meters.

The result is a very small instrument (only 56mm wide and 20mm thin), with a full range of measurement capabilities including optional 1/1 and 1/3 octave band analysis for a greater understanding of the frequency content of the noise you are measuring. Not only this, but there is a colour display, micro-SD memory card expansion and up to 24 hours running time. All this comes in a package that only weighs 225g.

SV 971 Applications:

  • Control of Noise at work Regulations 2005
  • Environmental Noise (e.g. BS4142)
  • Complaint Resolution Monitoring
  • Noise for Planning
  • Construction site noise
  • Product Quality Testing
  • Audio Installations 

Another remarkable feature is the built-in self-vibration monitoring which provides information about level of vibration that influences the measurement results.

It also provides broadband results with all required weighting filters plus 1/1 octave and 1/3 octave band filters. They also have time-history logging capability which provides broadband results and spectra with adjustable logging steps. Triggered audio recording is also available whilst logging complete functionality. Data is stored on a microSD card and can be easily downloaded to a PC using the provided SvanPC++ software over either USB or RS 232 interfaces.

The Svan 971 can also be easily calibrated in the field by using an acoustic calibrator. If you insert the microphone into a calibrator it automatically activates the calibration process and the calibration history is automatically logged. The new PC software, the Supervisor, will help owners of the Svan 971 to organise data from a number of measurements and create measurement reports in a quicker and more efficient way than they’ve ever been before.

Features of the Svantek SV 971:

  • Low-cost Class 1 sound level meter meeting IEC 61672:2002
  • Intended for general acoustic measurements, occupational
  • Health and Environmental noise measurements
  • Easy in use predefined setups
  • Extremely simple Start/Stop mode
  • Three parallel independent profiles
  • 1/1 or 1/3 octave real-time analysis
  • Advanced time-history logging
  • MicroSD memory card providing almost unlimited logging capacity
  • Acoustic dose measurements
  • Voice comments recording
  • Audio events recording
  • Self-vibration monitoring
  • Revolutionary pocket size & light weight ca 225 grams
  • OLED color display with super brightness and contrast
  • Very robust casing and IP65 protection level

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