Svantek SV 102A+ Class 1 Dual Channel Dosimeter

  • Rp.68,000,000

  • Availability:3-4 Weeks
  • Brand: Svantex
  • Product Code: SV 102A+

Tags: Dosimeter

SV 102A+ Class 1 Dual Channel Dosimeter is presenting new approach to occupational health and safety acoustic monitoring task. This dosimeter can be also used as a dual-channel Class1 sound level meter and real-time 1/1 octave & 1/3 octave analyser.

SV 102A+ Features:

Dual-channel Sound Level Meter conforming to Class 1: IEC 61672

Prepolarised 1/2" microphone

Dual channel 1/1 octave analysis (option)

Single measurement range

Measurement range 45 dBA RMS ÷ 141 dBA Peak

MIRE measurement technique with SV 25S (option)

Three parallel independent profiles

Advanced data logger, up to 12 results per channel logged simultaneously including spectral analysis

Audio-events-recording (option)

MicroSD card

USB  interface

Large OLED display

Integration time programmable up to 24 h

Power supply by two AA rechargeable or standard batteries

Extremely compact, light weight and robust case

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