Testo 521-2 Differential Pressure Meter

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  • Brand: Testo
  • Product Code: 521-2

Tags: Differential Pressure Meter

Testo 521-2 - Differential Pressure Meter Details

The Testo 521-2 features measurement range of 0 to 100hPa and all measurements are performed with accuracy of 0.1hPa.

It is a highly reliable tool for measuring pressure levels, and it is able to automatically generate readings of velocity and flow, and it can also be used to measure temperature levels by the attachment of an optional type K temperature probe.

This product also includes ports for the attachment of up to two different probes. It can accept the following probe types:

Differential pressure probes up to 2000hPA

  • Absolute pressure probes to 2000hPa
  • Relative pressure probes to 400bar
  • Temperature probes from -200 to 1250°C
  • Probes for measuring current/voltage
  • The Testo 521-2 also features large in-built memory that can store up to 25000 readings.

Testo 521-2 Differential Pressure Meter Key Features

  • Temperature compensated differential pressure sensor
  • Measures between 0 to 100mbar
  • 2 probe sockets for pressure/temperature probes
  • Internal data memory of 25000 records
  • Compatible with Testo printer (sold separately)
  • Dual measurement display
  • Direct calculation of velocity speed and volume flow
  • Multi-point and timed mean calculation
  • Density compensation
  • Analogue signal scaling

Full List of Products Included

  • Testo 521-2 Differential Pressure Meter
  • Calibration Protocol
  • Battery

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