Time Electronics 1040 Resistance Box (1 Ohm - 100M Ohm)

  • Rp.17,800,000

Tags: Time Electronics, Resistance Box

As a way of making sure that there is low contact resistance, a special multiple gold contact arrangement is included on the Time 1040 - 8 Decade Resistance Box. This ensures that even if a contact has failed, then the operation and accuracy will carry on.

If safety requirements are high on the top of your checklist, then you needn’t worry when it comes to this device, as it has been designed to be in compliance with all of the regulations laid down by education and industry standards.

This entire decade resistance box is contained inside a robust metal case, that makes it extremely durable and compact. It also comes with a protective rubber cover that can also be removed as well as being ergonomic. This makes it perfect for being used out in the field and even in the laboratory.

This instrument can take incredibly accurate measurements up to 0.1% by using metal film resistors that are incredibly stable. There is also an 8 digit thumb wheel switch which allows you to take precise and stable settings, alongside this, the resistance value will also be clearly indicated to you.

In order to make your working life even simpler, the 1040 model also comes with colour coded digits for simple selecting and analysing. Megohms are indicated in red, ohms in white and kilohms in yellow.

The Time 1040 – 8 Decade Resistance Box is highly portable, simple to operate, and provides you with incredible reliability and user precision across a whole range of applications, making it one of the most popular instruments in the Time range.

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