Time Electronics 1041 Resistance Box Low Ohm (0.01 Ohm - 1k Ohm)

  • Rp.13,800,000

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The Time 1041 – 5 Decade Resistance Box has been made to be durable and compact, whilst also being contained inside a strong and robust metal casing. The unit is also supplied with a protective and ergonomic rubber cover that can be removed, making it perfect for being used in the laboratory or a more industrial environment.

If a high accuracy level is one thing you want most, then you can achieve it with this Time instrument, as this can easily be achieved simply by using the high stability metal film resistors. And, if you want to changes the settings, then the 5 digit thumbwheel allows you to do it quickly, while being shown the latest resistance values.

Reliable operation has always been a top priority for Time, and they have paid extra attention by including several layers of multiple gold contact arrangements which ensure that there is little to no contact resistance. This feature also ensures that the operation will continue even a contact fails.

When you’re out in the field, you want to make sure that you can read the results as quickly as possible. To help you, this decade resistance box incorporates the new feature of colour coded digits. Ohms measurements are shown in white and the Milliohms measurements are shown in yellow.

This decade resistance box shows low ohm values and it is also part of the highly popular line of decade boxes from Time Electronics. The Time 1041 – 5 Decade Resistance Box can be used in site and workshops as a calibration standard, perfect for being used with the PT100 and other such resistance input instruments.

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