Time Electronics 1053 Inductance Box (1mH - 10H)

  • Rp.24,800,000

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This Time 1053 – 4 Decade Inductance is housed inside a robust metal casing, making it compact and durable, perfect for being taken out to tough field environments or work in the laboratory. Incredibly precise, the decade box is suitable for being used for experimental purposes, filter design purposes and even general purpose substitutions. It also has a DC to DC converter design.

The Time 1053 comes built in with four dials that are easy to read. They are divided into 4 different decades, as well as providing you with 1mH, 10mH, 100mH and 1H steps.

The maximum setting that this inductance box can be set to you is 11.11H. For added convenience for you, it is supplied with custom wound coils and ferrite cores that each have a high permeability. These little features ensure that external magnetic fields do not have any influence on the measurements and the stability is kept at its maximum.

This decade box comes with safety terminals that are fitted into the front panel. They are fully compatible with 4 millimetre shrouded plugs, and they can also use bare wires, standard sized plugs and spade terminals, to suit a wide range of situations that you may be working under.

The Time 1053 – 4 Decade Inductance Box is part of the excellent decade box range that comes from Time Electronics. All of the accuracy and reliability that you would ever need when working with inductance substitution applications, is contained inside one portable and easy to use instrument.

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