Time Electronics 1061 Resistance Box Low Cost (1 Ohm - 1.2M ohm)

  • Rp.9,800,000

Tags: Time Electronics, Resistance Box

The Time 1061 - 6 Decade Resistance Box is ideal for use in both educational and industrial establishments, providing functionality between 1Ω and 1.2MΩ and in-line readouts. The unambiguous rotary switch dials allow you to set the resistance value to the necessary figure, and the safety terminals can be found just alongside them. These terminals allow you to use a range of plugs and wires, including 4mm shrouded plugs, spade terminals, standard plugs and bare wires.

The Time resistance box is an affordable box that has been designed with today’s high standards for educational and industrial use, giving you consistently accurate results thanks to fully-screened components. With six large switches, you can easily set values, and the metal film resistors found within the Time device all come with a 0.75 watt power rating. This can provide you with accuracy and low temperature coefficient.

With 1% margin of error, this Time 1061 - 6 Decade Resistance Box is ideal for ensuring quality results and total stability when changing resistance for a number of applications, and its large electrical range makes it the perfect addition to production lines and other industrial areas of work. The decade resistance box is easy to use and ready to go straight out of the box. 

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