Time Electronics 1065 Resistance Box - Power 10W (0.1 Ohm - 120 k Ohm) SKU

  • Rp.33,500,000

Tags: Time Electronics, Resistance Box

The Time 1065 - 6 Decade Power Resistance Box is an electrically and mechanically robust piece of equipment that meets high standards of accuracy whilst maintaining a compact outer shell for maximum space efficiency. The Time device can work between 0.1Ω and 120kΩ with a 1% margin of error.

The resistance box uses four rotary switch dials which are clearly labelled and easy to use, allowing you to change values with ease. The ease of use on offer with the resistance box means that it’s perfect for educational use, and is ready to go straight out of the box. The case that houses all the components is robust enough for arduous use in harsh working environments, and has ventilation to keep the systems running smoothly.

There is a dissipation of 10W per resistor dissipation and it has a 500V maximum working voltage, making the decade power resistance box a great device to use when working with high voltage circuits. Power electronics is also another application that it can provide for.

The components of the Time 1065 - 6 Decade Power Resistance Box are housed in a slimline case, which not only makes it portable but maximises space efficiency on the workbench. Its multi-wafer switches have four parallel self-cleaning and silver-plated contacts as well, which ensures an absolute minimum amount of switch contact resistance. 

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