Time Electronics 1067 Resistance Box Precision Low Ohm (10 mOhm - 12k Ohm)

  • Rp.32,000,000

Tags: Time Electronics, Resistance Box

The Time 1067 - 6 Decade Precision Resistance Box offers quality usage in industrial and educational establishments, providing low residual resistance and self-cleaning silver contacts that ensure consistently accurate performance and a long operating life. Its slim line casing means that you can reduce the amount of space you use on your workspace, and transport the Time precision resistance box with ease.

The decades are selectable between 0 and 11, which means overlapping of set values is really simple. There is also a maximum settable value of 12,222.21 ohms. The unambiguous rotary switch dials on the Time resistance box make it easy to change the values of resistance. The switches allow you to quickly make accurate changes to important values, and with clear labelling and simple function, the device is ideal for educational purposes as well as industrial.

This advance resistance device is ideal for stimulation applications, providing you with long term stability and a low temperature coefficient. The Time 1067 - 6 Decade Precision Resistance Box is also compatible with PT100 sensors and temperature meters alike, if they use resistive sensor equipment. 

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