Time Electronics 1068 Precision Fixed Resistance Box (1 Ohm - 10K Ohm)

  • Rp.8,600,000

The Time 1068 - 5 Fixed Resistance Box is a super-portable resistance box which has five fixed resistant ranges. This compact value resistance device has been designed to meet high standards expected from educational, laboratory and industrial working environments. It comes in a robust and lightweight case which takes up as little bench room as possible and which makes it really easy to transport.

The Time fixed resistance box is also a great affordable alternative for those on a budget. The device is popular in electronics and physics labs in educational establishments, thanks to its simple operation and low cost.

The resistance box uses precision resistors to provide consistently high accuracy, and in order to choose values, you simple need to connect appropriate test leads to a fixed value resistor. You can use 4mm binding posts to connect to the Time 1068 - 5 Fixed Resistance Box. The necessary values are indication at each of the five terminals, and include 1Ω, 10Ω, 100Ω, 1kΩ, or 10kΩ.

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