Time Electronics 1070 Capacitance Box (100pF - 10uF)

  • Rp.17,600,000

Tags: Time Electronics, Capacitance Box

The Time 1070 - 5 Decade Capacitance Box is an all-round high accuracy capacitance decade box that has many uses in both education and industry. Functioning between 100pF and 10uF, this compact device can offer a 1% margin of error and in-line readout. The robust, metal housing ensures that it remains in great condition even when used in harsh working environments. The decade capacitance box provides full screening, and with its protective rubber cover, you can protect it from bumps, falls and scratches.

You’ll find a five-digit thumbwheel switch on the front panel which shows the capacitance value to five values.

The Time 1070 - 5 Decade Capacitance Box makes choosing and viewing settings really easy, by incorporating colour-coded dials onto the system. Red is uF, yellow if pF and white is nF.

The safety terminals on the front panel are clearly labelled and completely unambiguous, and are compatible with spade terminals, bare wires, standard plugs and shrouded plugs – making it accessible for all.

The Time capacitance box can also offer bi-polar functionality and official Time protective cover as standard. 

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