Time Electronics 1071 Capacitance Box (10pF - 100uF)

  • Rp.19,500,000

Tags: Time Electronics, Capacitance Box

The Time 1071 -7 Decade Capacitance Box is a capacitance box embraced by industry and educational establishments alike. The device is capable of providing high accuracy and ease of use, with a large range. The range of the device spans from 0uF to 100uF, which goes up in 10pF steps. This is nine steps for every decade.

The Time decade capacitance box also offers a margin of error of just 1%, making it one of the most accurate pieces of equipment available to you.

The Time 1071 -7 Decade Capacitance Box also has a residual capacitance of less than 50pF and high voltage rating. The maximum voltage usage with this Time device is 300V DC and 200V AC.

Colour coded digits make it really easy for you to reference measurements on the thumbwheel, with red, yellow and white referring to nF, uF and pF. In the box, you’ll receive a protective rubber boot to keep the device safe from everyday bumps and scratches which occur during travel and fieldwork. The Time 1071 -7 Decade Capacitance Box offers bi-polar features and safety terminals that are compatible with bare wires, shrouded plugs and more.

 Weighing just 2.2lbs, you’ll be able to take the Time device with you easily, and its compact design results in less workbench space being used. 

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