Time Electronics 5069 Insulation Tester Calibrator

  • Rp.96,000,000

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The Time 5069 Insulation Tester Calibrator has been constructed from a very high strength co-polymer plastic casing, and runs on rechargeable batteries to ensure that the device is fully isolated from the mains; therefore stray leakage is prevented when performing insulation tests. This calibrator can also calibrate and test megohmmeters which have a test voltage up to 10 kV. The Time 5069 has high basic accuracy of 0.1%.

When this electrical test instrument is operated, it can then test for both short circuit currents and open circuit voltage. Once they have been detected, they will be shown to you on the digital meter that has been mounted on the front panel of the product.

If you need to verify insulation resistance then this calibrator will also display this to you on the precision 4 dial decade resistance bank. This can be programmed to a maximum of up to 99.99GW. The following additional resistance values can also be switched in when and if you require them: 100kW, 200kW, 1MW, 2MW and 5MW.

The Time 5069 Insulation Tester Calibrator could be the answer to all of your insulation calibration problems. Highly portable and extremely tough, this calibrator is perfect for being used on site calibration work. There is also a Time 5068 InsCal, this unit has the same accuracy and usability, but has a voltage limit of 2.5kV.

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