Time Electronics 5080 PAT Tester Calibrator

  • Rp.98,000,000

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The Time Electronics 5080 is used for calibrating PAT testing devices to maintain accuracy over a time period. It's also suitable for use on insulation/continuity testers.

Housed in its own protective carrying case, the 5080 can either be used in a lab or is ideal for porting out into the field to calibrate instruments on the fly. It's also battery powered, meaning you won't have to find a mains socket and don't have to worry about the effects of stray leakage on testing results.

The calibrator checks a connected instrument's earth bond, insulation, leakage, touch leakage and performs a load test. An LCD display also shows voltage and current levels.

Time Electronics 5080 PAT Tester Calibrator Key Features

  • Calibrates PAT testers and insulation/continuity testers
  • Battery powered for extreme portability
  • LCD display shows voltage and current
  • Safety interlock feature
  • Earth bond current up to 50A AC
  • Load test currents up to 13A AC
  • Built into its own protective carrying case

Full List of Products Included

  • Time Electronics 5080 PAT Tester Calibrator
  • 4mm Terminal Box Adapter
  • 110V Adapter
  • IEC Connector (for External Load)
  • Battery Charger
  • User Manual

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