Trotec BQ20 [BQ-20] Mini Particle Measuring Device

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Compact environmental measurement unit for the detection of fine dust, air temperature and humidity

BQ20 Mini Particle Measuring Device

With the BQ20, you have a compact and easy-to-use environmental measuring device that allows you to record all the relevant room climate parameters with just one device: air temperature, humidity and especially dust concentration in the room air:

The BQ20 simultaneously detects quantitative concentrations of airborne e-dust (PM10) and a-dust (PM2.5) whose particle masses are displayed directly as a mass fraction of the air in micrograms per cubic meter. In addition, a bargraph indicator informs you about the status of the current particle load via color bar.

Furthermore, individual limit values can be defined in the device, which are immediately signaled to you by an audible alarm - a particularly useful function when using the BQ20 for permanent monitoring of interior spaces. For such permanent applications, the power supply of the BQ20, which is otherwise mobile in battery operation, can also be delivered directly using a USB cable.

Benefits in practice:

  • Compact environmental measuring unit for the detection of fine dust pollution and climate data
  • 2 inch color display for simultaneous display of all measured parameters
  • Memory for up to 5,000 records
  • Direct conversion and display of the concentration of E-dust or A-dust fractions in micro gram per cubic meter of air contained in room air
  • Additional color indicator display with automatic acoustic alarm for fast detection of critical particle concentrations
  • Integrated tripod connector and stand

Practical details:

  • Bargraph indicator display
  • Alarm function
  • Tripod mount
  • Integrated stand
  • Detectable particle sizes: 2.5, 10 μm
  • Measurement range Mass concentration (PM 2.5): 0 ~ 2000 μg / m³
  • Measurement range Mass concentration (PM 10): 0 ~ 2000 μg / m³
  • Measuring range temperature: 0 - 50 °C / 32 - 122 °F
  • Measuring range rel. Humidity: 0 - 100% r.h.
  • Battery type: 7.2 V Li-ion
  • Dimensions: 188 x 52 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 175 g

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