SKF CMDT 391-K-SL QuickCollect Sensor Kit

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  • Brand: SKF
  • Product Code: CMDT 391-K-S

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SKF CMDT 391-K-SL - QuickCollect Sensor Kit

  • Velocity, acceleration enveloping, and temperature measurements
  • Bluetooth communication with tablets, smartphones, smartwatches
  • Easy to use sensors and apps
  • Easy to understand indications of machine condition
  • Rugged industrial design - Drop test 1.8 m (6 ft.), water and dust resistant (IP65)

The SKF QuickCollect sensor is an easy-to-use bluetooth enabled handheld sensor that connects to iOS and Android apps on your tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch (iOS only). Combining vibration and temperature sensing, overall data can be viewed on the spot in real-time or pushed to the cloud for future analysis. This SKF QuickCollect sensor is ideal for service, reliability, operations, or maintenance personnel as part of a walk-around data collection program.

Controls and Indicators

  • Power button - Powers the sensor on and off.
  • Battery LED - (Green, Red) Indicates the status of battery charge
  • Communication LED - (Green, Red) Indicates whether the sensor is connected to an app. Also indicates when firmware updates are in progress.
  • All-purpose check LED - (Green, Red, Amber) Indicates error conditions

Measurement Display

Measurements taken by the sensor are shown on your mobile device, which displays velocity, enveloped acceleration, and temperature as shown below:

Each reading displays a current overall measurement, including alarm status, minimum and maximum values, and alert and danger thresholds.

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