SPM ELS14 Vibration Electronic Stethoscope includes SD Micro card

  • Rp.26,000,000

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The SPM ELS14 Electronic Stethoscope is a sensitive and easy to use listening device for locating the source of mechanical noise. Bearing condition, gear and pump noise and the operation of relays and solenoids are just a few of the many sounds that may be identified, amplified, and assessed. Low, middle, and high filters can be selected in order to single out relevant frequencies. Headphones equipped with ear defenders effectively shut out ambient noise.

The ELS14 comes with an internal micro SD card and recording capabilities, enabling sounds to be played back from the device and also store sound files for future evaluation.

The ELS14-KIT comes complete with:

ELS14 Electronic Stethoscope with SD card

Two "AA", R6 cell Batteries

ELT10 Probe Set (60 and 290mm)

EAR12 Headphones

CAS09 Carry Case

Listening to machine sounds in order to determine the probable source of abnormal noise is one of the most widely used methods in maintenance departments across all branches of industry. 

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Range:

30 Hz to 20 kHz

Enclosure: PC/ABS, IP55

Keypad: Seated, snap action

LED Indicators:

Power On, Volume, Filter Mode, Recording, Low Battery

Volume Control:

Adjustable in 10 steps

Auto Power Off:

10 minutes after use

Filters: Low, Middle, High

Recording: MaxL 10 Files, up to 7.5 minutes per file

File Format:


Memory: micro SDHC card

Output Connector:

3.5mm Stereo mini-plug for Headphones

Battery: Two AA / R6 cells

Battery Life:

> 30 hours (continuous use)

Ambient Temperature range:

-10° to +60° C (14° to 140° F)

Dimensions: 213 x 38 x 48mm (8.4 x 1.5 x 1.9")

Weight: 295 g (10.4 oz)including batteries and 60mm probe

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